I Know Some of You Are Having A Rough Time

To many the thought of being trapped with your family for days on end is a nightmare. Not to mention having an invisible monster lurking outside waiting to cause a painful death.

It is a time for many of us to look deep inside ourselves and figure out our true purpose. It is time to determine what legacy will we leave on this planet where we have no control.

Because we are not the ones with the final say, we may need to lighten up. My quarantine time has been filled with lots of humor. This reporter was about to do his story when a herd of bison came toward him.

The story is probably trending now. The next was the little old lady in Chi-town. She was angry at some woman from the grocery store and wanted to teach that woman a Chicago lesson.

I also enjoy the banter between Andrew Cuomo and his brother, Chris. While it is fun, I also find comfort in Andrew’s daily press conferences. It is good to hear an empathetic leader.

There have been online dance parties with dj’s like D-Nice who has had audiences as large at 150K on Instagram. Celebrity concerts from their living rooms and Wonderful bible studies.

But the most precious moments have come from ordinary citizens who are battling this war from one of the fronts.

My best giggle from today was when someone complained how long March seemed. Folks said that about January is what I said to my sister. She said March said “Hold my beer.”

Fighting an invisible foe which half the country does believe exist is difficult but we are united. We are working together and there is hope in that.

After the struggles 2019, which were real and painful, many couldn’t wait to put that year behind them. 2020 has kicked open the crapper and spread its contents like it was paint on the walls.

So I do believe the moral to the story is to enjoy what we got while we got it because only God knows what lies ahead of us. But we can face any challenge together.

Peace and Hair grease

When I Hear People Complain



about social media, I have to wonder who the heck they are following or allowing to follow them. God warns us pretty clearly when He says “Guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23

I mean you can get rid of people with the click of a button. I know I have done it. Your media should be the perfect because you follow the folks who encourage you, delete those folks who get on your nerves and live your best life.

I love Twitter. It is a place where I can see what people really think.  I mean you might sing a great song, or preach a great sermon, but I want to know what you are about when the fat meets the fire.

I mean if you are prolife but have not problem with the government taking children  from their parents and releasing them to human traffickers, I need to know that about you.

If you post a whole bunch of I love Jesus stuff, but the only  love you show is  your friend group, I need to know that.

The thing I love the most about Twitter is the ability to comment back.  Nothing is more empowering to me than to be able to say, “Oh you got that all wrong!” or “Keep up the faith sister, we all in this together.”

This week I have been encouraged by the women who support other women.  They encouraged them not to grow weary in the fight for justice.   They said accept every little victory as a victory.

I love knowing that there are women out there fighting the fight with everything they got. It gives me a pin hole of light in a very dark world.  Because of Jesus, I build my world on hope that good will triumph over evil.


Turning off your social media might land you dead or in jail.

I have been amused by the tweets of folks wanting to give up social media because they feel they are addicted to the news.  I think they have confused addiction with preservation.

Some of these stories are about racist attacks on people of color. Why would you not want to know where this is happening? If Congress started a vote to put all people of color into slavery and take all of their property, wouldn’t you like to hear about the bill before it became a law? I’m just saying…

The current establishment would love nothing better than for millions of people to turn off their social media and just stop paying attention to what is going on.  They don’t want you to know when people disappear, when laws change or any other slight of the hand they may be doing.  It is kind of like a baby who closes their eyes and thinks you can’t see them because they can’t see you.  You better keep your eyes on these fools because they have no good intentions for any of us.

History has taught us that when millions of people bury their heads and minds during seasons of injustice, a form of evil takes over that is so diabolical that most can’t even imagine it.  The things are happening to undocumented workers in prisons right now that we don’t know about. Our Justice System has set up a process where they can take a persons property just by accusing them of a crime, not convicting, just accusing. We as Americans will one day have to reckon with the things we allowed our government to do on our behalf.  Man might not hold justice high on his bucket list, but God does. God is just. The things used to destroy a certain people will end up destroying the ones who put it in place.

And just like when the Babylonians arrived to take the Israelites into captivity, they ignored the poor and the slaves. They put hooks through the flesh of the rich and drug them off to captivity. Right now, they think they are protecting their own interest.  What they are doing is building barns for someone else to own.

Prayer warriors, stay awake. Do not shrink back from the news but pray boldly according to scripture. Hear every story and make your petition to God. Make sure you have on your armor so that you can stand against the devil’s tricks.

Know that these times are opportunities for God to get His Glory. Pray and watch Him work.

Just Because I Love Jesus

don’t mean I love you.  Just because I have friended you on social media, doesn’t give you the right to say whatever you want to me. You don’t know me.  You may follow my news feed or see the bible verses I love and think you get me, but trust me you don’t.


If you have read any of my books you will know that there is a edge to me, and it is sharp as glass. Glass is dangerous if you mishandle it. It can be very useful and helpful in many ways, but if misused, it can hurt you.

I was born in the basement of a segregated hospital in one of the richest countries in the world.  This means I was brought into a society as a second class citizen by people who knew better.  God had blessed them with much and they refused to share. This means ABSOLUTELY no Caucasian person can tell me about racism.  You don’t get to decide what racism is. You don’t get to decide how I feel about it. Your parents forfeited the right for you to chat about this to me.

The Lord has spent the last year taking me back to the roots of where I came from.  He has allowed me to see what is important and what is trivial.  He taught me some people I don’t even need to associate with. He will deal with them Himself.  If I cut you loose, trust me, the Lord thought it was a good idea.  And I believe Him.

The Lord keeps me on a short leash. But it is still a leash. This means you can be cussed out or knocked out which ever I deem appropriate for the circumstance. So you might want to pray and ask God to give you some words to say to me or we might both be in lock up if you decide you want to approach me with your opinion.

If you don’t like what I post, unfollow me.  If you don’t understand the post, inbox or call me.  I keep it all public. I keep it all real.

God has promised to free the oppressed and I will keep shouting to the Lord for freedom. Someone said the media caused the problem, but the media ain’t shooting black men and killing black women in prison, authority is.

Like Isaiah, I am going to keep on talking till the Lord handles it.  But since Isaiah wasn’t raised in the Fort Worth hood, you will have to deal with the likelihood of being cussed out if you approach me wrong. But y’all keep praying.

peace and hair grease


He’s Done Enough

Today I feel exceptionally full. God has blessed me beyond my expectations.  And (like the song says) if He doesn’t do anything else, He’s done enough.

He has clothed me in my right mind. (Because many of you are not).

He has given me health and strength. He has helped me lose weight and lower my blood pressure.

He has given me the funniest family a girl could have. There is always laughter when these folks get together.

He has pruned the branches from my life that were not bearing fruit.

He has given me a heart for Himself. I love studying His Word.

Let me tell you something, this morning I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw the story of a woman who was testifying to eternity in her discussion group while at the same time, her husband was entering it. The words of her testimony speak louder than anything to me. She believes God.

One day God will ask you what you believe and your testimony will tell what you really think. What you say in those moments will tell us what you believe.

I like social media, because it tell lets me know what people really think. It gives me their true testimony. Do they complain about the gifts they have been given? Do they squander it and take it for granted? Are they full of hate and deceitfulness always talking about other people?  Are they mean spirited?

Their social media testifies for them.

In Revelation, John testifies to Jesus Christ. As Beverly Crawford will remind you, I am talking about Mary’s baby, Jesus, who saved us through the shedding of his blood on a cross. As my pastor pointed out Sunday, the beating and torture was bad, but carrying our sin was far worse.

He has done enough. Thank you Jesus.

Because I am grateful, this week you get Beverly Crawford for the old school and Fantasia for the new school. Either way,  it is time to get your praise on.

Old School

New School