I really mean it.  I know many of you wonder why I spend so much time at bible study.  Because there is nothing more enthralling to me than when someone gets up to speak on a portion of scripture I am familiar with, yet they are able to help me approach it from a new direction.  Ms. Lisa Harper tore me up today teaching on patience and waiting.  But the moment that floored me. How you spend all your time praying for something, and when God give it to you, you complain about it.

You see we learned earlier today that grumblers and complainers died in the wilderness not able to reach the promiseland.

I am so glad I have friends who love God and want to get to know Him better.

As I sat in the room with thousands of women, I couldn’t help but think of the one woman God used to change the trajectory of my life. I had never encountered anyone who loved Jesus like she did. I wanted some of that.


I have done 10 of her bible studies. Believing God was my favorite because it taught me to take Him at His word. It gave me courage to walk in the purpose He gave me.

I have not been disappointed in Jesus, but in some of the circumstances faith has led me to.  I have learned that God is far more interested in my character than my comfort. He always uses His word to remind me who He is.  He will have my pastor at church, my weekly bible study homework and a weekend conference I just happen to attend quote the same verse to let me know that He can do exceedingly beyond all I can imagine.

Today the teachers and preachers taught us that words are powerful.

For me: Doubt dies unborn if it is never spoken.

To quote and old bible study

God is who He says He is

God can do what God says He can do

I am who God says I am

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

God’s Word is alive and active in me 

I am believing God

(Believing God Five Statement Pledge of Faith)




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