On This Day During the Pandemic

I showed my hair some love with TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask. My sister introduced me to it. I just all it hair magic.

It is a cream that you put on your hair after you have washed it, although you can use it other ways.

The first time I put it in my hair I thought it was a perm because is stretched out my hair. I admit I was skeptical and was afraid it would make my hair fall out. It did the opposite.

I like the aroma of this product. While I was spreading this cream through my hair, I place the heated cap in the microwave.

Heat the cap for a minute in the microwave. Once it is done place it on your head for 15 minutes. I also put on a clear plastic bag underneath the heated cap. Sometimes I cheat and let it stay on longer.

The great thing about this spa stuff I have been doing is that you can’t do other things with it. You have to relax.

The number one reason I love this hair mask is because it greatly reduced the amount of hair I shed. It de-tangles your hair and it lasts a while. My hair was so much softer than with other products. It also adds oil and dony to my hair. This hair magic is amazing.

During this time that God has given us, I hope you take a moment and so some of the things you put off until a later time. Read that book. Learn that language. Now is the time to pull out all of that stuff you have been saving and do them now.


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