Africans from the regions of Gambia and Senegal were captured by slavers in 17th Century and sold into French America. They were smart individuals who understood agriculture and could adapt their skill sets in slavery. Even though they purchased their freedom from slavery, found themselves as part of a permanent slave class which even restricted how they looked.

They had to keep their hair covered according to the law.

 She was probably one of the most popular images of African American women in the late 19th Century which eluded to something other than beauty. She was popular and became an icon that would last for centuries. She would become a symbol of beauty in a different way.

Nancy Green was born a slave in 1834 in Kentucky. After slavery she got a job in Chicago taking care of children and cooking for privilege families.  Later she got a job with the Davis Mill Company being the spokesperson for Aunt Jemima Pancakes.  They put her face on the package.

In the month of April we will examine African American beauty