I Found the Heartbeat of the City

Another thing I learned in this journey is that you have not been to the best part of Chicago until you have rode the L. This color coded train system covers most of the city taking people to and from the suburbs. But it does more than that.

This public transit system reveals the heart beat of the city. It shows how people live, what they value and how it all works together. There are all kinds of secrets about the system, and if you hang out and watch, you too will catch on.

In addition to those people licensed to stand on the train platforms and sing, there are those who just bust out into song cause they feel like it. Life is so much more interesting with singing strangers in your life. Everyday is a musical.

New Episode is Available

In this podcast, two sisters chat about iconic television shows and their impact on the African American and American culture.

Episode One

The Sistas examine the 1970s hit Sanford and Son starring Redd Foxx and the British murder mystery series, Midsomer Murders.

Episode Two

The Girls focus on the Netflix series The Crown and the 1980s crime drama In the Heat of the Night. They find similar qualities in the way they tell their stories.

Episode Three

The Girls focus on the 1980s Norman Lear sitcom The Jeffersons and the Netflix limited series Self Made: The Madam CJ Walker Story. They examine the impact of these stories on African American culture.

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