Book of the Month

ReCovery from Privateers Series

On her first independent mission, Claire Moss finds herself babysitting a nineteen-year-old stowaway while looking for La Joya, the object that will change the game she has been playing with pirates. Claire Moss, a fledgling private consultant, roams through Latin America looking for La Hoya, which her partner guarantees will be a game changer. After a year of peace, Minnie finds herself on the run from the organization she use to work for and partnering with the scariest man she ever met. Even though there is a bounty on her life, she believes God can save her from some very bad people. The organization that Joe works for has hit the hardest time ever, he struggles to keep his key position in the company while some around him want him dead. Joe has a plan that will change the fabric of the company and make him the head. They are all working toward the same end, but who will reach it first, the good ones or the evil ones?

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Sample Chapter Claire Moss was partners with Jaime Zeped for almost six months, and he still treated her like a little kid. He wanted to handle all of the investigative work and let her manage the office. She wasn’t feeling that. “I done told you!” “I heard you,” he said. “Give me a case or I’ll pick one myself!” “All right, all right!” he said calming her down. “Try this and we will see how it goes.” She smiled as she accepted the slip of paper from him, but she knew he gave in too easily. It was like an episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy wanted to get into the act, and Ricky said yes. Ricky only said yes because he had a plan to teach Lucy a lesson.  Claire knew there had to be a trick to it, but she was taking this chance to get in on the action. A few hours later, she was primping in the mirror getting ready for her first undercover gig. She was dressed like a call girl.  She laughed at herself as she tried to make it look real.  She didn’t know anything about being a call girl, except what she saw on TV. This was miles from where this little mousy accountant used to be. She used to be safe in her own world of nine to five bookkeeping, until a pirate came along and catapulted her into this rich world of espionage. When she heard the front door alarm go off, her eyes widened. “Oh, snap!” she regretted being there immediately. Zeped stuck his head in the door. “You ready?” “Ready? Where ya’ll going,” Gilda pushed passed him into the women’s restroom. She stopped and took in what was in front of her. “Yes, I’m ready. Let’s go,” Claire turned and tried to talk out quickly. Gilda hooked her arm through Claire’s and spun her back in front of her. “Whoa, Sally where you riding off to in my skirt, shirt and wig?” “Uh…” Claire sputtered. “And my earrings and makeup!” Zeped tried not to laugh as he pulled Claire out of the room. “Zee, what you doing with the imitation when you got the real thing, baby?” Claire was about to stop and explain, when Zeped signaled her it would be a bad idea. The two of them left Gilda standing with her mouth open.

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