When I Get Tired Of All The Crazy Stuff On TV

I choose an old show that I can always count on. The show is Mannix which starred Mike Connors as private investigator Joe Mannix. Joe was the kind of detective that never got rich, but was always there to help the common man. But the common man often looked like a woman who was 10 to 20 years younger than him.

Mike Connors and Gail Fisher

My favorite part of this show was his secretary Peggy Fair played by Gail Fisher. It was great to see someone like me in this role. She was intelligent and witty who was able to speak her mind. I thought Peggy might as well had been his partner because she brought her own strengths into the relationship and helped solve as many cases. She constantly stepped outside of her role as a secretary and made partner like decisions. It was groundbreaking in the late 1960s to have an African American woman play a role like this on television.

And the crazy thing about Joe was he was always getting knocked out. He was a tough guy with a soft jaw and a melon head. The bad guys always caught Joe off guard. And no matter how many times I try to tell him to watch out. He never does. He is always knocked out or tied up somewhere. But He always gets the bad guy in the end.

The middle to end seasons are the best. but check out Mannix. He is one of those old timey detectives that make you route for him. He is currently being showed on FETV and METV.

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