Book of the Quarter

It is Black History Month. I love being African American. I love history. This month I will share different moments from the Book of the Quarter, Destiny’s Dilemma. This week in history we will celebrate music. In this scene Zo, our heroine entertains her mother with music she knows she will like.

“Mama I want you to hear this.”

After getting back from the long afternoon, she brought her mother into the parlor and made her comfortable. She enjoyed this time with her. They could talk in a way they had not before.

“Is this some of them blues?”

“Mama, listen.”

Zo started the phonograph. Hattie listened for a few minutes, then looked at her daughter.

“Is she…”

“Singing about Jesus. Yes ma’am. I told you some of these new fangle things could be used for the good.”

Zo giggled at herself. She loved the surprised look on her mother’s face. She enjoyed watching her mother settle in and listen.

“What Baptist church she go to?” her mother asked about the woman singing.

“Mama she one of them holy rollers.”

“You don’t say.”

“This little girl’s name is Arizona. She from around this way, up in Sherman.”

“She can sing. The lambs blood washed me clean. I like that.”

Her mother reclined on the sofa and listened to church music.

Destiny’s Dilemma

An African American woman moved home to take care of her dying mother giving up the opportunity to experience a world beyond segregation. Zoraida Hughes Williams finds that some things have changed about her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas while some have stayed the same, like Hell’s Half Acre, an area where saloons, prostitution and gambling runs wild. Like most of the residents, she wants to keep her head down and stay away from trouble, but it comes in the unlikely form of an Anglo Baptist preacher. He messes up everything and almost gets them killed.

Available on or which include Barnes & Noble, Apple, Indigo and more.

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