Express Yourself!

Find a piece that helps you celebrate you!

Maybe your looks don’t fall into the norm of what is beautiful. Find beauty in yourself like a beautiful brown girl with lots of curly hair.

Maybe your gift is helping others instead of trying to take every cent you can get. Celebrate your helping hands.

Maybe roses help you see the beauty in the world around you. Express yourself!

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In honor of Juneteenth, this month there will be quotes about Freedom from people who experienced the lack of it first hand. Starting the month of June with a quote from Ignatius Sancho who was a writer, composer and actor. He was born 1729 aboard a slave ship headed for New Granada. He was sold into slavery where be spend twenty or so years. Once free he worked with abolitionist to abolish slavery in the UK. He was also known as the first Negro Briton to vote which he did in 1174 and 1780. He died 1780 from illness and was known as the first Negro to be given an obituary in the British Press.