Art of the Quarter

By the 1600 they were all participating in the slave trade, English, French, Spanish.  They were spreading it as they tried to expand their borders.

They called her Angela and she was one of the first women of African descent to land at Jamestown in 1619. In 1622 lived through the attack of Native Americans.  In 1625 she is listed as a Negro woman living in the household of Captain William Pierce. They do not think she was an indentured servant, but was probably made to serve indefinitely.

Angela was Angolan from the Ndongo Kingdom who had been capture in her native land and taken aboard the San Juan Bautista. The ship was headed to Veracruz, Mexico but some English privateers captured it. They split the enslaved individuals and went on their way.

Angela was brought to Jamestown a ship called the Treasurer. She was captured because she has a skillset that would make the owners a profit.

Don Miguel de Castro was an ambassador from the Kingdom of Congo in the 1600s. He travelled to Europe and South America representing the interest of the Congo. He was also a cousin to the Count of Sonho, a province in Angola.

A portrait was painted of him in 1643, one of 20 commissioned. Some of which ended up in the National Gallery of Denmark.

A Fistful of Shells, Toby Green