He’s Done Enough

Today I feel exceptionally full. God has blessed me beyond my expectations.  And (like the song says) if He doesn’t do anything else, He’s done enough.

He has clothed me in my right mind. (Because many of you are not).

He has given me health and strength. He has helped me lose weight and lower my blood pressure.

He has given me the funniest family a girl could have. There is always laughter when these folks get together.

He has pruned the branches from my life that were not bearing fruit.

He has given me a heart for Himself. I love studying His Word.

Let me tell you something, this morning I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw the story of a woman who was testifying to eternity in her discussion group while at the same time, her husband was entering it. The words of her testimony speak louder than anything to me. She believes God.

One day God will ask you what you believe and your testimony will tell what you really think. What you say in those moments will tell us what you believe.

I like social media, because it tell lets me know what people really think. It gives me their true testimony. Do they complain about the gifts they have been given? Do they squander it and take it for granted? Are they full of hate and deceitfulness always talking about other people?  Are they mean spirited?

Their social media testifies for them.

In Revelation, John testifies to Jesus Christ. As Beverly Crawford will remind you, I am talking about Mary’s baby, Jesus, who saved us through the shedding of his blood on a cross. As my pastor pointed out Sunday, the beating and torture was bad, but carrying our sin was far worse.

He has done enough. Thank you Jesus.

Because I am grateful, this week you get Beverly Crawford for the old school and Fantasia for the new school. Either way,  it is time to get your praise on.

Old School

New School


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