Fort Worth

Today I am thankful for Fort Worth. It ain’t perfect, but its home. It is the place where I was born and raised. I have been fortunate enough to travel to other cities so I do have something to compare it to.

I love the beach, not too fond of the mountains. I am amazed by the tall trees in the Carolinas, and love the vibes in Harlem. I have ridden the “L” in Chicago, but DC’s Metro is my favorite.

I have walked the streets of New Haven and driven the freeways in LA. I have gotten a kick out of Beale Street, but the food in New Orleans will always be my favorite.

I have stood at the High School in Little Rock, the motel in Memphis and the Holocaust Museum in DC. I can’t wait to walk across the bridge in Selma on its 50th anniversary.

In Fort Worth, there is no Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. We are landlocked. The trees are not as impressive as the Carolinas and there are no subways connecting us to other communities. We are notoriously lacking in Civil Rights History, but when I think of home: Mama’s Pizza, Robinson’s Barbecue and Good Luck. The South Side, Stop Six and Meadowbrook. Remember Seminary South or when Stage West was in the TCU Theater? My Paschal and TCU purple blood runs deeper than the Barnett Shale.

Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind?

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