Anchoring my seven days of Thankfulness is Music. Today I am thankful for music. I am hoping our new glorified bodies that we will receive in heaven will come with a pitch perfect voice. Whatever voice I get, you will hear me sing Holy, Holy, Holy forever (so you might want to pray for pitch perfect).

Almost every day, the Lord wakes me with a song in my heart. Most days it is a Christian song, some days it is secular (Yes, God is a TLC fan). Occasionally, it is a song I have never heard before. More than anything, I love the connection to Him. I love the communication with Him.

I love all types of music, but there are two groups that influence my worship. Israel & New Breed and Third Day. I have only seen one group perform live, but it was a life changing experience. Music helps me focus on what is really important. I work and play according to a beat. I am inspired by it. It allows me to hear the rhythms of life. Train cars going down the tracks late at night. Traffic whizzing down the highway on a busy afternoon. The wind whipping through the trees. The silence.

Music is one of His greatest creations and I am grateful.

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