Working on My Gifts

This has been a very low key week for me. I have not been able to do many outside activities. I have spent the week writing and editing.  Even though it is a creative process, I am methodical in my approach. Each project reveals to me a little more about who I am and what I believe.

I am working on two new books and one old one. I like the possibilities of the new ones, and the perspective the old ones give me. I decided that if I am going to pray over things, I am going to work on things.

God gave me the gift of storytelling and over the years has allowed me to do it in various forms. Each project has its own story to tell. I pray that each story will impact the lives of the people who read them. I pray the stories will point them to God.

I try never to take this gift for granted. I know I can only do it through the one who gave it to me. God.

I did, of course, make time for bible study. The Book of Revelation is nothing like I thought it would be. It has been fun and revealing God in a new way.

It reminded me that God is not dead, He is surely alive. Living on the inside, roaring like a lion.


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