I’m Off My Game

Sometimes I kid my work partner that he is off his game when things don’t go the way we plan. It doesn’t happen often, but pointing it out helps us understand something we don’t like is happening. Usually we joke about it. He tells me if he is off his game, then I must be off mine.

Currently I am off my Christmas game. Presents still need to be bought, cards need to be mailed, and lots more.  I am so behind.

Christmas is my favorite season and it is about to be over before I even prepare for it. The thing that keeps me calm is music. One of my favorites this season is the Christmas Song by Dave Matthews.

I love the words to this song and the beat. As I was listening this week, I thought about Jesus. I mean He knew when he breathed life into Adam that eventually the focus would turn to Him. (And rightly so because He came to save us.) He knew that people would write songs about his life.

I wonder if terms like “less than golden,”  “daddy-o” and “jokers” gave Him a giggle. They make me giggle because of the songwriter’s method of telling the story. He uses a vernacular that I am familiar with.

I am not saying the song is biblical, but I do like the theme. I love the idea of showering Him with love while He lay in the hay. I disagree that the blood spilled is of the children all around. I know the blood spilled is of the perfect sacrifice for our sins.  Yet that doesn’t limit the song for me.  Because as God tries to explain to us what He does for us, we don’t always get it right.

But Jesus loves us. So much that He was willing to come be with us. We will never know the full extent of His love.

Even though I may be off my game,  I love being reminded of the trip Jesus made to earth to shower me with love.



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