It is darkest before dawn

It is not my favorite time of day, but when I am up, it is the most beautiful part of the day.


It is always good to see light come breaking through. There are many dark shadows, but light is on the way. The Lord calls songs of joy out of the darkness into the breaking light, and it is usually sung by birds in that big tree in my neighborhood. (psalms 65:8)

The same thing with life. Just when you think it is over, God will step in and change things.

Traveling up and down I-35 is difficult these days because of the construction. It is hard on  the roads which in turn is hard on the cars. I had two bad tires because of potholes. I could only afford to change one.

I had to pray that the other one held out until I had the money to change it.It was starting to crack all around the edges. There were signs along the way to remind me of the dangers of traveling on poor tires.


But God said. I got this.

Today as I was replacing the second tire, I met a lady with the same problem. Potholes had broken her rims and destroyed her tire. But we were in a place where someone could do something about it.

He reminds me that He has whatever I face in His hands. He has a purpose for each of us in life, for His name to be proclaimed. ( Exodus 9:16)

Sometimes as you are waiting for dawn in your situation, there are others who light the way. Sometimes you are alone. It is okay to be the only one in the parking lot.


Some of the things God calls you to do, it is just for you. He is revealing himself to you. Not everyone is going to understand what you understand about God. Remember Jesus went up on the mountain alone to pray.

This week He performed miracle after miracle. He reminded me of the power of my tongue. He taught me to be more like Him. He showed me his beautiful work in the sunrises. Who could ask for more?

I am learning to live with the darkness because I know the sun is on the way.




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