I started this project as a film because I wanted to work with my cousin, Pete. You will notice one of the main character’s name is Pete. The character has a lot of his mannerisms. He becomes a good straight man for the character of Gilda. BUT ReCovery is book number 4. It focuses on The Closer, which is the guy in the black jacket and Claire who is not in the photos.
Like a movie director, I like telling you the story in a certain order. I want you to see what Claire became before you see what she was. Privateers, the 1st book in the series, is available for $8.99.

Privateer origins


Privateers Series

ReCovery is $5. It is the fourth book in the Privateers series. This series is very special to me. I will explain more in the ORIGINS section. This is where I explain how the story came to be.