Meet Dr. Mubarak

Meet Dr. Lynda Jones Mubarak and her book, Stations.
In order to live a vibrant and successful life, you must embrace two truths: everyone’s life path is about change, and each phase of life offers opportunities that we often overlook. No matter where you find yourself in life, you have unexplored talent, unimagined resources, and the ability to make the most of the station you are occupying at the moment.

New parents, teen parents, new workers, and experienced workers re-entering the labor force, are you ready for the 21st century workplace? How are you preparing your children for the world of work? If your future does not look promising, there may be some personal lifestyle routines, unrealistic expectations, or self-defeating behaviors worth examining. STATIONS is a collection of essays exploring the life lessons many of us encounter as we grow and change in a world fueled by information and technology.