Meet Sheryl Grace

Meet Sheryl Grace and her book He Calls Her Blue. For those in Houston, Sheryl will be at the National Black Book Festival. So stop by and see her.

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From birth, Indigo’s  life is complicated. Immediately after she is born to the very young and very beautiful Ruby, she is abandoned by both of her parents. However, a turn of events forces Ruby to reluctantly care for the child she wishes she never had. Provocative, shapely, and self- absorbed, Ruby, is more concerned with getting a man’s attention than giving any attention to her child.  Meanwhile, the identity of Indigo’s father is shrouded in mystery.

Emotionally broken, sexually confused, and unaware of her beauty, Indigo seeks love and acceptance from array of unforgettable characters. Each character, leaving an undeniable mark in her life – some break her and some make her stronger. Love arrives in the form of the strikingly handsome and suave restaurateur Tyrone Mayfield. But his love comes with a price as he draws Indigo deeper into his other businesses. While Indigo does not have much of a life without Tyrone in it, with him she may die. In this page turner, loyalties will be tested, secrets will be exposed, and some won’t live  to tell.

Take a ride on this journey and experience the life of “Blue”, as she learns how to survive in the real world and the underground world that has been created for her……..