The Pandemic reminds me that people like to talk more about Easter Sunday instead of the events of Good Friday. We miss the fact that the resurrection cost something.

As we live out our own Good Fridays during the days when this virus wreaks havoc in our land, we have to remember that the God of our Universe met with the worst of humanity.

Before COVID-19, Good Friday was a holiday that contributed to a three day weekend. Most folks took off from work, did some shopping or met with friends and family.

This year we will be surrounded by death to remind us there is some peril to it. We won’t be able to celebrate like in the past, but will give some serious reflection to it.

We seldom think about the dark things in humanity that causes things like those that took place in Jesus’ day. He got to experience oppression, hatred, jealousy, rage, humiliation, betrayal, and so much more.

This was the day of the road to the cross. Jesus became many things to me as a result of this day. But that doesn’t diminish the path He took.

I am grateful.

Today think about what Jesus endured to save us from our sins.

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