Meet Charles White

Born and raised in Chicago, Charles White Jr created art work that captured moments in African American history. Some of Charles White Jr’s work is on display at the Art Institute of Chicago, where White was once a student. His artwork spans four decades revealing his life experiences and how they changed over time.
White went to work as a full-time artist for the Illinois Art Project as part of the Work Progress Administration as an easel painter. One of his accomplishments was painting the Kitchenette Debutantes which invited the world into living conditions of the south side of Chicago.

TV Show of the Week

If you haven’t seen the new Fantasy Island, give it a try. Roselyn Sanchez takes on the role as the operator of the island, as Ms Roarke. Like the old show, there is an array of guest stars which make it fun to watch. It also gives some back story to how Elena came to take over for her great uncle. They also give Elena Roarke a story of her own , complete with love interest. This show is on Fox.