TV Show of the Week

So I came to this show late…but I do like to skip the hype. There was a lot of hype around this when it started. It was right.

It starts a little slow for me. But the energy gets there. The one thing I love about this limited series is that it gives me the chance to see Americans how others see us. This action adventure series is on Netflix and I enjoy how it is shot. It allows me to see my world different.

It has the ageless Sanaa Lathan and Greg Henry in it as they play cat and mouse with us. Binge it over a weekend.

Artist of the Week

General Moses is a drawing by Charles White of Harriet Tubman. She sits on these rocks like she is on a throne, giving counsel to many. The first time I saw this I remember thinking wow, what a powerful woman this was. This is an ink drawing created by Charles White in 1965.

Mother and Child Sorrow by Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller in 1962 and is a bronze cast sculpture. I love that a woman was creating art that spoke to the abuse African Americans received during that time in history. Cheers to women who tell our stories by any means.