Art Auction

My cousin Alice is really my daddy’s first cousin. This older African American woman is truly a delight to me. She is in her 90s, and I’m not giving her exact age cause she may not like that. At her age she is still living her life to the fullest. We have to “catch up” with her.

We are raising money to pay for some repairs to her home. I am auctioning five canvas prints to the highest bidders. You can pick which one you want to bid on and put a number in the comments. OR you can email me at with your bid. The bid starts at $65.

On the last day, October 25, the person with the highest bid gets their chosen artwork. And I hopefully will have enough to buy sheet rock and paint for cousin Alice’s home.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Book of the Month

Dancing During the Storm Vol 2

Dancing During The Storm is a collection of short stories that represent people dealing with the storms of life. There are times when we have to decide are we going to lay down or fight. All of these stories tell of people who are either coming out of, in the middle of or going into a storm. In this second volume, the stories deal with justice, women’s issues and deception.

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