Let Me Ask You a Question

One thought on “Let Me Ask You a Question

  1. I would go back to when I was considering college and future careers. I told myself that I wanted to work in film or media and wanted to go to school in Austin. The truth was I didn’t have the grades or the money to go to a private university in Austin. But I went anyway and studied Communication. I also don’t have the personality or tenacity for a career in film.

    What I really love is books, reading them and writing stories. But, I gave up on writing, my love of books, and a childhood dream of becoming a librarian to pursue something that sounded cool. I was also just running away from my family and myself.

    Today, I don’t use my communication degree for media. I instead am a support person who coordinates logistics for gear that streams and records live events. So in a way I work for a company that is involved in entertainment/media/communication. But, since I stare at a spreadsheet all day and try to move pieces here and there, and try to fit everything in even when we are oversold I am constantly stressed.

    I realize that I can’t go back. But, if I could I would tell myself to go to community college instead of saddling myself with debt. I would tell myself to pursue a Library Science degree so I don’t keep looking back and wondering what if?

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