Not An Ordinary Horror Movie

If I watch a movie outside of my favorite genres it is because of the story or the actors involved in the project. I don’t watch horror, but the storyline got me.

And let me tell you this is what I thought a horror movie by African Americans would look like. Bad Hair. The story of a haunted hair weave.

The entire premise is funny as hell, but it also speaks on many levels about the pain we African American women have endured for the sake of our hair.

This movie was interesting and creepy at the same time, but the storyline was fascinating. Elle Lorraine (Insecure) lead us through the story where her hair weave becomes a monster and kills people. This hair, which at one time was the desire of women because it gave them a fake beauty, opened doors to African American women for its straight and silky feature. Well in this film, it kills.

This movie has funny moments, scary moments and ones that cause you to think. I flinched many times and it had nothing to do with monsters, it was a comb being pulled through tangled hair. Not to mention that opening scene where the young woman has perm in her hair and its burning. Ahhh!

These folks understand what terrifies an African American woman about her hair. I won’t be adding this genre to my list of favorites, but this storyline has given me some moments. I wouldn’t watch it the night before my hair appointment. LOL.

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