If We Don’t Tell Our Stories No One Will Know

When I am scrolling through movies, sometimes I take a chance. The other night I took a chance and had no clue what I watching and went wow. I love history but remember that it is written by the ones who win. They tend to leave out the things that embarasses them.

The storyline is around the potato famine in Ireland. It spoke to me of an oppression I could not fathom. The images stuck with me. It gave me a new perspective.

It tells the story of an Irishman who comes home from fighting for the British to find his world decimated. He sets out to get revenge. The cinematography was beautiful. The characters did not disappoint. It told a story.

This movie re enforced the idea of people telling their own story. Our histories have to be told by people who care about them.

I dove into a history that I did not know, yet a small portion of my history is Irish, perhaps the ones who landed in Texas in 1850s. Now I have an idea of what they left behind.

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