TV Show of the Week

I am so in for this week’s show. Leverage Redemption! It is the continuation of the old Leverage series that ran from 2008 to 2012 starring Timothy Hutton. It had this whole Robin Hood theme where they robbed the rich to give to the folks they took advantage of. It is a fun show to watch because they always have to work their way out of a situation.

In the reboot, three of the old characters take on new partners to do the same thing. Where I have really become happy with series that are just 8 episodes, I was excited to see they added a few more in this new series. Gina Bellman is still the grifter, Christian Cane the hacker and Beth Riesgraf as the thief. They added Noah Wylie and Aleyse Shannon to the team.

They also have added great guest stars, like Levar Burton. This show is on the IMDB channel. Fall in love with show, like I have.

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