Is Rage Really Funny

I watched Dave Chappelle this morning and I thought there is something in today’s circumstances that deeply affects us all. Chappelle did a short comedy show titled, 8:46 to speak to recent events of the death of George Floyd and the riots. The numbers signify the amount of time police officer Derek Chauvin had his knee on the neck of George Floyd.

The comedian spoke through his pain and anger which was hardly funny but very true. It gave us a moment of new normal.

Chappelle pointed out that not everyone will respond to recent events the same way or at the same time. We have to give people space to process what is happening around us. We need to see the consequences of our neglect.

This art reflects the state of rage we are in. It is something that consumes us. How it is dealt with will determine if it is squelched or inflamed.

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