Instant Fun and Some

In more than one episode people have a pizza oven in the backyard. Who has a pizza oven in their backyard? I am learning things about the people of Australia that I never imagined.

Granted, I wouldn’t mind a pizza oven in my backyard, but it was not my first go to.

I have binged watched Instant Hotel on Netflix. This show is about regular Australians who want to use their own home as mini hotels, kinda like an air bnb. A group of people go to stay at the house and do some type of activity like they are taking a vacation. And in true reality form, all kinds of things happen.

The contestants are from all over the country, so I get to hear about the different areas. There were deserts, rain forests, beaches and cities. There was a place called Humpty Doo and another call Coober Pedy.

It was funny watching all of these strangers live together. Yet, also interesting watching how people turn their homes into a place that people would want to pay money to stay in. And some of these people were over the top.

One couple turned a shed into an incredible 1950s American diner that slept 8 people that was so stacked with memorabilia. Another couple dug out the most amazing home from a mine. ( I couldn’t do that one.)

Each pair advertise their space, set up rules and treat the group like they are guest. But the day the other contestants come stay at their house, the owners have to stay some place else. They get to score each other on value for money, nights sleep, location and the house. The homes are also rated by an expert who gives them valuable feedback.

The thing that makes this show watchable is the people. Sometimes people are honest and vote according to their experience, and sometimes people are not and just want to win so they will give another team a bad score.

Sometimes these places are their actual home and the rates are between $300 to $1500 a night.

Baby, when the snobby girl had to plan an activity for the folks when they came to her house, she sent them to the waste treatment plant. I mean she really sent them to see how sewage was processed. I hollered.

This show is filled with ordinary people who compete against each other. It is fun. The best part of it for me is seeing the homes and watching the vacation experiences. They have swam with seals, wake boarded on a river, gone to markets where they purchase fresh killed duck or captured the crabs they cooked for dinner.

After you watch people do this as a team, you gotta just trust the process.

Check out this show to get a little bit of Australia and a little bit of humanity.

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