Art of the Month

In 2021 the art series with examine moments in African American history in an attempt to UNERASE our past.

We cannot talk about African American culture without talking about food. Even though these food items can be found in many other societies, there is an endearment to the American community. 

It is believed that Collard Greens were brought to the United States on slave ships. They became a staple food because they could last through harsh winters and hot summers.

Ox Tails is the tail of the ox which is usually prepared as a stew or soup. Many cultures have recipes for this cut of meat, but it is also a staple in the African American community.

Our food becomes more than just a way to nourish the body.  Meals become a way of fellowship and communion for the community. Even though the meals might not be expensive, they are flavorful.  They create memories. They create bonds.

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