I Wish This Was My Idea

Everyone has a little sister. I have a little sister. Two of them. But who knew Sherlock Holmes had a little sister? Enola Holmes, about 20 years younger than Sherlock, is faced with a serious problem that sets her on a journey to discover if she is as talented as her older brothers.

Millie Bobby Brown stars as Enola and is so fun to watch. She guides the viewer through the story with many conversations straight at the camera. The rest of the cast is just as much fun, Helena Bonham Carter is her mother a suffragist who teaches her daughter jujitsu, while Henry Cavill plays Sherlock, the famous detective.

It wouldn’t be a Holmes mystery if there wasn’t something curious to solve. In true fashion, the story twists and turns but is a very delightful adventure. This historical fiction comes from a series of young adult novels, The Enola Holmes Mysteries by Nancy Springer.

This Netflix movie is worth your time. I hope they make a sequel.

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