Stop Binging Series And Watch a Movie

When I watch a movie about Judy Garland, I expect to HEAR Judy Garland. To those who love her, the voice is magical. Judy not so much.

Renee Zellweger plays older Judy Garland while Darci Shaw plays her young. The story focus’ on the broke singer in late 1968 when she was homeless and couldn’t find a gig. There are flashbacks to her younger self which helps the audience understand why she makes some of the decisions she makes.

Zellweger does a good job. Shaw is believable. The story will reinforce the idea that being a child star sucked. Zellweger trained for months to sing this part. She could have trained for a lifetime, and it would not be enough.

In the movie, Louis B Mayer tells Garland that the one thing she has going for her is her voice. It was the thing that attracted audiences. There was something in her voice, even towards the end of her life, that takes the listener somewhere. Renee doesn’t have that.

But it is a good movie. Check it out.

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