Christmas Giveaway

Everyone needs encouragement, especially parents. We rely on each other to get us through the terrible twos, the middle school maladies, and teenage anguish. It is all of the people around us who make us successful.

We are looking for good parenting advice. You can give it on Infants, Toddlers, Elementary, Middle School, High School or Adult Children. You can post this advice on one of three social media sites UPP Creative, on FB, Instagram, or Twitter.

The advice will be judged based on likes and comments. The best advice will win a copy of my book, How to Raise God Wise Kids, An inspirational notebook with a 12 month calendar from The Krown Kollection, and a cute 15 oz ceramic campfire mug in Christmas Mint with white Prepare Him Room lettering.

This will be great quiet time material for any parent. Share. Repost. #parentingtips, #parentingadvice, #helping #village

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